About Masha

The Entrepreneur

My Vision

To create and build a systematic capacity, investment opportunity and effective system that would accommodate the intelligence, resilience, gifts, ability and efforts of People of African decent and enable them to create their own future and manage their destiny. 

-Segun Masha, 2006

About Masha

Segun Masha is an Apostle of Jesus Christ, a veteran preacher, a business consultant, a certified financial instructor, an entrepreneur and author; with a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and a wealth of experience in capital market/investment banking. Masha wanted to be a medical doctor, but God directed him to preach the Gospel and partner with governments and corporations to develop societies and make peoples’ lives better. Now as an Entrepreneur and Strategic International Investment facilitator, Masha is poised to catalyze growth and development in the Social, economic and political arenas of the world.
Masha at the Sheraton Presidente while on a Business trip to El Salvador.

Masha's 4-Pronged Agenda for Africa

Poverty Alleviation

Every nation is endowed by God with adequate human and material resources. It is how you manage it,and who you assign to manage it that makes the difference.

Strategic Alliances

A man of conviction and judgement, Masha is on a mission to create mutually beneficial strategic alliances in various sectors, with the goal of economic growth in Africa.

Reforms & Good Governance

Promoting a formal and informal establishment and proper implementation of godly laws, ordinances, and norms.

A New Generation of Leaders

Raising a new generation of leaders who will be empowered to carry out their good intentions, programs, and fair and upright agendas.


A principled man in pursuit of good (purposeful + idealistic) governance in the home and in the marketplace, even the social, economic and political arenas of the world. 

Community Leader & Reformer

As an advocate for good governance, Masha seeks to establish and implement changes for the purpose of bringing the world’s social, economic and political practices and systems of policies, laws, ordinances and norms to an ideal state to foster a Just + Equitable + Sustainable Society.

Basic Characteristics

Principled, Purposeful and Perfectionistic; These remain Masha’s Pursuit:

Striving for faultlessness, Setting high performance standards, engaging in critical self-examination and assessments, and paying attention to fair and just criticisms from others.                             


In General, Masha Is:

Ethical, Conscientious, one who resents evil, with a reasonable sense of right and wrong. 

A Teacher, advocating for change by refining existing systems and mechanisms. 

A Promoter of morals and values education as essential for equipping people for every good work, even professional performance in the social, economic, and political arenas.